Rich Burkmar

An economically curious ecologist

Category: poetry

If I said that I’m an occasional poet, that would be exaggerating! I’ve enjoyed having a go and would like to do some more. All my poems are here!!

  • Paean for the Meadow Pipit

    About the moor from tussock, post and wallpipes up the onomatopoeic pipit,cheering mass trespassers, walkers and all.Its modest song condensed from sunshine spillsover spiraling glide to gladden hearts belowas though the people’s parachuting poet! No flash aristos garb, no painted feathers;it wears the tawny duds of a key worker.Prey to dashing Merlin and Hen Harrier.Predator…

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  • What wasps are for

    It stung me, the first time I heard it:What are wasps for?Because piercing the mock humourwas an earnest question,setting us worlds apart. They are not for fear. They are for beauty – look closely.Around dazzling tyger stripes, yellow and black,smoulder embers brown and redand the crisp symmetry of the faceframes eyes faceted like diamonds. They…

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    What wasps are for